Why We Need It?

Why do We Need Natural Desalination?

Alright, imagine you're at the beach, and you want to drink some water. But the water from the ocean is salty, and it doesn't taste good if you drink it. That's because it has a lot of salt in it.

There are many places in the world where there is not enough fresh water for people to drink or use. These places might have a lot of salty water around them, like oceans or lakes. People in those places can't drink the salty water because it's not good for them.

So, what they do is they use a unique process called desalination. It's like a magic trick that helps them remove the salt from the water and make it fresh and clean to drink. It's called "natural" desalination because it uses natural processes, like evaporation and condensation.

Here's how it works: First, we take the salty water and let the sun heat it up. When the water gets hot, it turns into steam, like when you see steam coming out of a kettle. The steam is like the water's special invisible friend. It leaves all the salt behind.

Then, when the steam cools down, it turns back into water, but this time it's not salty anymore. It's fresh and clean. This freshwater is collected; people can drink it or use it for other things like growing crops or taking showers.

So, natural desalination helps people in places without enough fresh water to have clean water to drink and use. It's like magic that makes the salty water tasty and good for us!

Two oceans surround us. So, we have an unlimited supply of water around us. Earth Water wants to offer free water to all Americans. This is why the Natural Desalination project is a must for us.

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