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Book today a Donation-Based Workshop with a Top World Class Speaker

Book today a Donation-Based Workshop with a Top World Class Speaker

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Andrew M.


I was very surprised about all I learned. We took the conference "The Business Mind of the Art of War" and we all enjoyed and learned so much. Kudos to Fernando and E=W

Martha P.

Business Owner

We were going through a difficult stage and E=W came to the rescue. The conference about "The Togetherness Business Mindset" helped us greatly.

Sara C.


It was mind blowing."The Togetherness Business Mindset" reduced our turnover and we work more efficiently now.

Hector R.


If you want to become more and more profitable, you really need to hear out "The Business Mind of the Art of War". Powerful stuff.

Matthew B.


"The Humbled Ego conference was a game-changer for my business. The speakers shared powerful insights on how ego can impact decision-making, team dynamics, and overall success. It was eye-opening to learn how humility and collaboration can drive innovation and foster a positive work culture. I highly recommend this conference to any business leader looking to unlock their team's full potential."

Tom R.

Chain Supply

The speaker's insightful analysis and practical applications of the ancient teachings resonated deeply with me. I gained a deeper understanding of market dynamics, self-assessment, and effective leadership. This conference has empowered me to approach challenges with a strategic mindset and has given me a competitive advantage in my field. My department just wrote to HR that we want Fernando back! "The Business Mind of the Art of War" is mind blowing.

Ben H.


The speaker's in-depth knowledge and expertise in applying the ancient wisdom to modern business contexts were truly impressive. I left the conference with a fresh perspective on strategic planning, adaptability, and leadership, and I can't wait to apply these principles in my own organization. Highly recommended!

Maria J.


As a European professional, I was intrigued to learn how Sun Tzu's teachings could be relevant to our business landscape. The conference exceeded my expectations! The speaker seamlessly connected the principles of 'Winning from the Beginning' with our modern organizational challenges. I gained practical insights on market understanding, self-awareness, and the power of adaptation. This conference bridged cultures and provided a universal framework for achieving success.

Juan P.


The conference on "The Business Mind of the Art of War" brought together a diverse audience of European and South American professionals, creating a unique and dynamic learning environment. The speaker's ability to contextualize the ancient wisdom within our modern organizational contexts was impressive. The discussions and practical examples shared during the conference have left a lasting impact on my strategic thinking. I highly recommend attending this conference to anyone looking to enhance their leadership skills and gain a competitive edge."

Jesus R.


Attending "The Togetherness Business Mindset" conference was a truly enlightening experience. The speaker beautifully emphasized the importance of breaking down silos and embracing a collaborative approach. The conference provided a wealth of insights on how to nurture a cohesive and inclusive work environment, resulting in improved communication, creativity, and employee satisfaction. I left feeling inspired and armed with actionable ideas to implement in my organization."

Rocio V.

General Manager

"The Humbled Ego" conference was a breath of fresh air for our organization. The speaker shared real-world examples of how ego can hinder collaboration, stifle innovation, and impede growth. They offered practical approaches to fostering humility in leadership, leading to stronger teamwork, better decision-making, and improved bottom-line results. This conference is a valuable investment for any business looking to build a humble and high-performing culture."

Aura O.


Attending "The Humbled Ego" conference was a transformative experience for our marketing team. The speaker shed light on the damaging effects of ego-driven marketing tactics and shared strategies for creating genuine connections with our target audience. The conference inspired us to shift our approach to marketing, focusing on authenticity, transparency, and customer empathy. I highly recommend this conference to any business looking to differentiate itself in a crowded marketplace."