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Testimonials From Our Customers

Clean Water Feels And Smells Amazing

By Anonymous

"This is the second time we have purchased this for our home. You don't smell the chlorine that you normally do without it (even my 8 year old noticed how much better it smells). I have peace of mind knowing we are doing what we can to filter our water. Definitely a must have in my opinion."


By Brittany R

"Our water always smells like chlorine, and I wanted a safer option for my daughter. I’m already impressed with the results. It stays on easy and I see a difference in her skin already."

Bath Ball Filter Satisfaction

By Dennis C

"The bath ball filter did the job of filtering the water for our tub. My daughter, who complained about the skin irritation she was getting from our well water when bathing, tells me that the problem has now been eliminated thanks to the bath ball filter. I'm glad that I found this product and that it has solved our problem."

Our Product Compared To Others

Compared to other Bath Ball Filters, it has one to three stages of filtration, a flow rate of 2 - 3 gallons per minute, and provides 320 gallons of quality water.

Our Bath Ball Filters is the only leading brand with six stages of filtration, a flow rate of 4 - 5 gallons per minute, and it provides 2,000 to 2,500 gallons of filtration of quality water.

Wondering How To Install It At Home?

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