Aqua Heroes

How the program operates?

The solution "Aqua Heroes" operates with the mission of providing crucial hydration and support during natural disasters by donating water bottles. Here's an overview of how this Earth Water program operates:

Disaster Preparedness: We work closely with local disaster management organizations, emergency responders, and relief agencies to identify areas prone to natural disasters. By staying informed and collaborating with relevant stakeholders, we ensure a swift and effective response when disaster strikes.

Our Partnerships: We have established partnerships with water bottle manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers to secure a steady supply of water bottles. These partnerships allow us to access a sufficient quantity of high-quality, durable water bottles for donation during emergencies. By 2025, we expect to have pour first Earth Water water bottled plant that will have a 24/7 shift dedicated to supply clean water every time needed.

Pre-Positioning: In anticipation of potential natural disasters, we pre-position a stockpile of water bottles in strategic locations that are easily accessible during emergency situations. This allows us to respond rapidly and efficiently when disaster strikes, ensuring timely distribution of water bottles to affected communities.

Mobilizing Volunteers: We recruit and train a network of dedicated volunteers who are ready to assist during emergencies. These Aqua Heroes play a vital role in the program's operations, assisting with the logistics, transportation, and distribution of water bottles to affected areas.

Emergency Response: When a natural disaster occurs, our team activates the Aqua Heroes network to assess the impact, determine the immediate water needs, and coordinate the distribution of water bottles to affected communities. Our volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that clean and safe drinking water is readily available to those in need.

Collaboration with Relief Agencies: We collaborate closely with local and international relief agencies, non-profit organizations, and government entities involved in disaster response efforts. By aligning our efforts, we maximize the impact of our water bottle donations and ensure a coordinated response to provide assistance to those affected by the disaster. Here at Earth Water, we have an expert fleet of volunteering pilots that are always ready to fly in bottled water in the areas of need.

Post-Disaster Assessment and Recovery: After the immediate relief phase, we conduct assessments to identify any ongoing water needs in the affected communities. We collaborate with local authorities and organizations to support long-term recovery efforts, which may include the provision of additional water resources and infrastructure for sustainable access to clean water.

Through the "Aqua Heroes" program, we aim to alleviate the suffering caused by natural disasters by providing essential hydration to those affected. By ensuring access to clean water bottles, we strive to promote health, well-being, and resilience during challenging times. Together, we can make a difference and be the heroes that communities need in times of crisis.


Tropical Storm Imelda


"I can thank enough all the unbelievable support we receive from Russell and all the volunteers. Water gives hope."

Hurricane Ida


"When we thought all was lost, there was hope. Thanks guys. Your water saved my family and I."

Hurricane Ian


"We could not believe that there was people coming here to help. All the Earth=Water volunteers are heroes with a water super power. God bless you all."

Hurricane Nicole


"Puerto Rico is in gratitude with Earth=Water. No electricity. No communications. No food. But there was water because you guys were there."